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Bawumia’s Candidacy: A Recipe for Disaster and Regression By Stan Xoese Dogbe.

Vice President Mahamadu Bawumia has been confirmed flag bearer of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Though not surprising, the outcome indeed leaves many citizens concerned about the future of our country under the now Vice President.

An evaluation of his role as Head of the Government Economic Management Team reveals his failure, just like his boss, President Nana Akufo-Addo. Their legacy is one of broken promises, hardship, and corruption, leading us to question the potential consequences of an unexpected Bawumia presidency, a clear third-term continuation of incompetence.

First, let us remember the plethora of false promises made by Akufo-Addo and Bawumia. They claimed they would fight corruption relentlessly, yet numerous scandals involving government officials have eroded the faith of Ghanaians in their ability to deliver on this pledge.

The “Elephant in the Room” corruption exposé, where party executives and government officials were caught on tape discussing bribes, exemplifies the lack of ethical standards within the NPP— witnessing the lack of accountability within the ruling party, fronted by this very Bawumia and Akufo-Addo, is disheartening.

It makes it hard to believe he will be any different. Indeed, he cannot be different when he is deeply involved himself.

Moreover, the economic management team led by Bawumia has failed to deliver tangible results, leaving the nation grappling with economic hardship. The high levels of inflation, unemployment, and debt have significantly hindered the progress of our country.

Promises of economic prosperity and job creation by the NPP have turned out to be nothing more than empty rhetoric.

Bawumia’s approach to economic management is one that has been characterised by faulty policies, leading to increased hardship for the average Ghanaian.

The election of Bawumia as the NPP flag bearer signals a continuation of the status quo – a third term of hardship and corruption. Trickle-down economics, a cornerstone of the Akufo-Addo administration, has only further widened the wealth gap in our society.

I submit that the NPP lacks a vision for an inclusive and equitable Ghana.

In contrast, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), led by John Dramani Mahama, offers a refreshing alternative.

Mahama has proven his commitment to uplifting the country during his previous tenure as president. His “People’s Manifesto” outlines a vision for a Ghana that focuses on job creation, social welfare, and equitable progress.

Mahama understands the need to invest in healthcare, education, and infrastructure to drive sustainable economic growth.

The NDC’s vision for Ghana resonates with the aspirations of the people. Their plans to enhance local industries, empower small businesses, champion youth entrepreneurship and build successful Ghanaian-owned businesses are the much-needed solutions to our current economic challenges.

Mahama’s track record in office shows competence and leadership, and his willingness to listen to the people demonstrates a commitment to democratic principles.

As Ghanaians, we must critically assess the records and vision of the candidates and parties.

The selection of Bawumia is a continuation of the failures and broken promises of the Akufo-Addo administration.

On the other hand, John Mahama and the NDC present a vision to build Ghana better, offering a fresh start and tangible solutions to the pressing issues facing our country.

We must prioritise a leader who has the best interests of all Ghanaians at heart.

Bawumia’s election as flag bearer should serve as a wake-up call for voters, reminding us of the dangers of complacency.

As we prepare for the next presidential election, let us choose a leader who will truly deliver on his promises and build a better future for Ghana, a Ghana we all want – a leader like John Mahama.

Stan Xoese Dogbe is a Ghanaian Journalist and Political Communications Strategist.
You can contact him at [email protected]. Facebook & X Accounts: @StanDogbe.

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