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Clinical Psychologist calls for more support systems for mental health patients

Clinical psychologist Garnet Acquaye is advocating for more support systems for persons living with various forms of mental health disorders. Madam Acquaye says many who have mental health problems shy away from speaking about their conditions because of the fear of stigmatisation.

“In many cases as well, we do not have the support systems for them”, she added.

Garnet Acquaye who was a guest on WoezorTV Insights with Stan Xoese Dogbe on Monday mentioned changes in eating pattern, changes in sleep pattern and lack of concentration as some of the symptoms of mental disorders.

“Some people tend to eat much or less, which is unusual, others have problems sleeping well and some too fail to concentrate fully on whatever they do especially at work”.

Madam Acquaye said the use of illicit drugs, alcohol abuse and environmental factors are some of the pre-disposing factors that can contribute to mental health disorders.

Statistics show that about 13% of Ghanaians may be living with some mental health disorder. The World Health Organisation in a 2020 report put the figure at about 650,000 Ghanaians.

The Clinical Psychologist mentioned stress as a major trigger of mental health disorder. She advised that “we must make an effort to develop the habit of resting to avoid too much stress”.

“It is the reason some institutions give leave to their workers to release stress”.

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