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Dr. Omane Boamah cries out for child beggars: We must save them.

There is a silent social sin brewing!

The children beggars proliferating on our roads in Accra… must be saved.

These innocent young ones are led by their parents to beg on the streets, breathing in poisonous fumes (Carbon monoxide, Sulfur dioxide, Nitrogen dioxide, Hydrogen Sulfide…) from vehicles and carrying the risk of future lung diseases.

So far, we’ve been fortunate not to have heard of any vehicle running over them. City authorities must act swiftly to prevent that.

Children beggars begging at a road (traffic light) intersection in Accra.

These children must be in school because basic education is free, even if the School Feeding Programme is struggling to feed the kids now.

Some are also foreigners with Diplomatic missions in Ghana.

A multi-stakeholder intervention (Including the Ghana Refugee Board) is urgently needed.

Their parents must not be allowed to waste their future because their wasted future will be a major threat to society.

Mothers/guardians of children beggars seated comfortably under a tree by the roadside waiting for the children to bring their earnings after begging from vehicles.

Blessed weekend.

Dr. Edward Omane Boamah is a practicing medical doctor and a former Minister for Communications, Ghana.

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