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John Mahama: Building the Ghana we want

John Dramani Mahama has, thus far, led a vastly interactive people-centred campaign aimed right at the heart of the Ghanaian voter. The nationwide tour can be considered a mini-rally, given the rapturous reception the candidate has received across the various constituencies. Indeed, scores of devoted partisans have been waiting with bated breath to catch a glimpse of the candidate.

It has undoubtedly been a smoothly orchestrated curtain-raiser, ahead of the 2024 election, operated by an immensely practical, organized, and expert backroom staff. John Mahama’s audacious goal is to earn a percentage of the entire vote at the NDC presidential primaries, higher than what he obtained in 2019 – and he has long been the bookies’ favourite.

The media-savvy tour styled ‘Building the Ghana we want Together’, launched at Ho in the Volta Region on 2nd March 2023, has continued to gather momentum as the candidate ignites the National Democratic Congress from its grassroots. The entire journey is being resourced by an open campaign fundraising platform, recently launched by Mr Mahama, which amongst others, seeks to encourage transparency in political financing.

Mr. Mahama, throughout his dialogue-driven voyage, has had the opportunity to directly exchange ideas with branch, constituency, and regional executives on national issues and party organization. He has tasked the teeming executives, right from the branches, to canvass support and collectively ensure millions of registered voters turn up at the polls for the National Democratic Congress.

The tour also allows the candidate to observe the state of affairs across Ghana. In fact, he has begun to set out, broadly, a fresh social contract with the Ghanaian citizenry ahead of the 2024 election. This roadmap includes a tailored prospective cabinet of about 60 ministers who will steer the affairs of our Republic, reverse our economic misfortunes, and deliver well-paid jobs. He argues that high taxes are a symptom of high spending. Hence, a lean government is expected to reduce the taxpayer’s burden.

He has also kicked against the three new additional tax measures – the Income Tax Amendment Bill, the Excise Duty Amendment Bill, and the Growth and Sustainability Amendment Bill – introduced by the government in its bid to raise GH¢4bn. Instead, John Mahama has insisted enterprises and individuals deserve tax cuts due to the GH¢50bn cedis government is expected to save since external debt service payments have been suspended, as well as the domestic debt exchange.

In pursuance of our developed-country status, Mr. Mahama has also touted the need to promote manufactured exports to raise productivity levels. He’s also touched base with targeted demographics, such as pensioners, and has outrightly condemned the refusal of the New Patriotic Party government to honour its financial commitments to them. His on-the-ground campaign message is the reason why working-class voters are swinging toward the NDC in droves.

Perhaps, the most remarkable aspect of the tour has been the exceptional rapport and romance between Mr. Mahama and his fellow Ghanaians. It sets him apart as a unique individual whom diverse people can relate with. A gifted communicator, he effortlessly interacts with the audience as though he’s familiar with each individual at the occasion.

A down-to-earth and approachable politician, some devoted partisans have exhibited warm personal gestures towards the former President. In a heart-warming scene, an elderly woman – a motherly figure – brought along some fruits for Mr. Mahama while touring the central region, and for which he pecked the pulchritudinous old lady. This is a general reflection of the admirable bond he continues to forge with the electorate at large.

Author: Vincent Dzokoto highlights the John Mahama campaign and the relationship between him and the electorate.

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