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NDC recruiting 160,000 loyal & competent agents for election 2024

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is recruiting and training one hundred and sixty thousand (160,000) competent, loyal, and committed individuals to serve as polling agents for the 2024 December elections.

Various research institutions have released data that points to a likely victory for the NDC and its leader, John Dramani Mahama. Mahama has assured Ghanaians that the NDC will ensure the will of the majority of voters is respected by policing the ballots.

The recruitment process for agents has begun with the party focusing on identifying party members with the necessary skills and attributes to carry out their duties effectively. This includes rigorous training of trainers, which involves testing, character assessment, and vulnerability testing.

Dr Edward Omane Boamah, the NDC’s Director of Elections and IT, announced on Facebook that a weekend of training for polling agent trainers in eleven regions had been successfully completed. Dr Boamah emphasised the importance of competent, committed, and loyal polling agents as the party works towards its recruitment goal.

The NDC is also looking to recruit tens of thousands of volunteers who may not be registered members but are willing to support the party’s efforts to defeat the current administration.

The NDC’s ambitious recruitment and training campaign demonstrates the party’s commitment to ensuring a strong and capable presence at polling stations for the 2024 elections.

By selecting individuals dedicated to the party’s cause, the NDC aims to secure a successful and efficient electoral process as it works towards its goal of winning the upcoming elections.

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