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NPP 2024 race: Bawumia draws first blood, attacks Alan

The expected bloody fight between Vice-President Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia and the Minister for Trade Alan Kyeremanteng for the 2024 New Patriotic Party (NPP) Presidential Candidate has begun with the former drawing first blood.

A demand by Alan Kyeremanteng that it is time for others to sacrifice and give him the chance to lead the NPP into the 2024 general election was what angered Bawumia leading him to attack Alan through his Spokesperson, Gideon Boako.

According to, Alan made the demand at an undisclosed location when he addressed some NPP supporters. The story by the website also carried the audio of the Trade Minister making the demand of his fellow wannabes who include Bawuma, Minister for Agriculture Afriyie Akoto, former Railways Minister Joe Ghartey, former Minister for Energy Boakye Agyarko, MP for Mampong Addai Nimo and a former Minister for Trade and Industry Kofi Konadu Apraku.

At the NPP’s congress at the University of Ghana, Legon, in 2007, Alan Kyeremanteng decided to concede to Mr. Akufo-Addo to avoid a second round of voting after both candidates failed to obtain 50% of votes cast to become the party’s 2008 Presidential candidate.

While the former obtained 32% of votes cast, the latter obtained 40% while the remaining fifteen candidates including former VP Alhaji Aliu Mahama, Jake Obetsebi Lamptey, Yaw Osafo Maafo, Kwabena Agyapong, Arthur Kennedy, Professor Mike Ocquaye, Dan Botwe, Hackman Owusu Ankomah, Dr. Kwabena Frimpong Boateng, Kofi Konadu Apraku, Adjei Bawuah, felix Owusu Agyapong, and Dr. Kwame Addo Kufuor shared the remaining 8%. This necessitated a second round of voting, but Alan Kyeremanteng decided to concede to Akufo-Addo to enable the latter to become the party’s flagbearer for the 2008 general election.

It was this act that the Trade Minister was referring to, opining it was time for others to do for him what he did for Akufo-Addo.

Taking to his Facebook page on Wednesday to hack down Alan Kyeremanteng, the Vice President’s Spokesperson, Gideon Boako wrote:
“So, I go into a contest with you. I get more votes than you but not sufficient enough to secure me the required 50% plus 1. You came next to me and instead of a second-round contest you concede to me. That’s nice. I acknowledge you in my acceptance speech and in order to ensure greater unity I indicate that you will come after me. Few months later you decided to abandon me and the team to fight our own fight on a flimsy excuse. Fair enough you rescind your decision and join us. We heartily accept you back. I go into the main contest but unfortunately lost. Instead of keeping to the commitment of conceding to me to go again so you can come after you contest me. I lost and decided to go again and there again you did not concede to me but contested me. Once you do this you have withdrawn the commitment you made to me. Should the assurance I gave you still hold even after you subsequently withdrew your commitment to me on two separate occasions? Once you withdrew your commitment the consequential assurance from me also stands withdrawn. With this, any desperate and awkward attempt to create a false impression that an assurance for which tenets you have grossly violated still holds can only be laughable.”

Within 13 hours, the comment by Bawumia’s ‘hatchet’ man had attracted 691 comments and shared 169 times. As expected, most of the comments came from Alan’s supporters, responding in equal measure to Boako’s rants and setting the stage for a bloody fight.

Below are a few of the comments:

King Josiah:
Even patapaa will beat comedian Bawumia in any contest. Who takes Bawumia serious in this country?

Osborne Tinkorang Addo:
So with your PhD this is all you could come up with, very pathetic I’m sure this is one of the schemes from your office but let me tell you this, you and your pay master will end your political career after this term so prepare to go into hiding.

Kwaku Addai:
Meaning you don’t even understand democratic process. How many times did Nana Addo contest in the Presidential race? Do a proper intellectual argument to reflect on your PhD Mr.

Abigail Agyenim-Boateng:
Even the STRANGER who came in 2008 to enjoy only goodies says we should allow him to close the outside gate. Anokwa.

Nana Yaw Ampofo:
This primary and the general election is about credibility and integrity. Ghanaians are looking for those who will talk and will deliver. Alan is the one that fits for this. Ghanaians are not looking for long essays with lies. #y3nimnofirit3t3

Nana Kwame Nkrumah:
Hello Gideon. I think you have made your submission quite clear and we know where your allegiance is so anything on the contrary would spell doom for you because ”each one dey chop for ihn worksite”. However, you should know Alan is not someone who fears competition and neither does he fear losing. That’s the mark of his astuteness in politics. Knowing the political terrain now, any good advisor would tell Bawumia to sit somewhere and repair his lost image and make a comeback after Alan. Unless you are one of those who want to make Bawumia a ”Simpa panin” or you are thinking about your personal benefits, which I don’t think you want to be classified under any of the two, then be a good advisor for the sake of NPP. I know you are an economic advisor to him and not political advisor so you may not see things as I am seeing. A contest between Bawumia and JM would be a mincemeat for JM’s second coming. Good day.

Story Credit: Daily Post Newspaper

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