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Passenger’s lament 15% increase in transport fares

Protests have begun pouring in from public transport passengers over the recent increase in transport fares, as a result of a rapid hike in fuel prices over the period.

Passengers waiting for commercial vehicles in Madina, a suburb of Accra, told WoezorTV they are outrightly displeased with the increments.

There has been a 15% increase in fares, and according to commuters, this is bringing untold hardship on them. Many are even concerned about more hikes in fares as fuel prices are predicted to increase in the coming weeks, if government does nothing about the prices.

Many passengers say the increases has affected their finances negatively. They voiced concern about bearing the effects of the ongoing increase in the prices of petroleum products, noting that it is having a significant impact on their activities and income.

“The increment should be 10% because based on the transport, everything has been increasing day by day. Ghana is getting hard so they should bring the fares down. Why is the government doing this? The youth are frustrated because there is no work, but we have to pay huge monies when we are travelling. This is getting out of hand, the frustration is too much, government has to do something” a female commuter said.

“We used to board cars from here to our working site for 6 cedis, even Friday we paid 6 cedis but now the fare is 7 cedis. Everything just changed. Government needs to work things out, so that things will come down for us. I am a mason, so this travelling and travelling is part of my job, so the increases affect me a lot”, a frustrated commuter blurted.

Another passenger noted that things are difficult. “The drivers are complaining about the fuel, they said the fuel is too high and some of us take more than one car before getting to work and back. This is making us pay a lot, so if government can do something about it, so we can be okay, even food, the prices have gone up because of the fuel, so it’s not easy kraa”.

Matthew Opoku, a driver at the Madina station, on the other hand, is happy the fares have been increased. He is even calling for a 30% increase in fares and wants the leadership of the driver’s unions to negotiate for that. Drivers must meet their sales targets following the hikes in fuel prices.

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