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Review of free SHS is overdue! – says VP of Private Schools

The Vice president of the Ghana National Association of Private Schools, Dr. Bright Honu, says a review of the free senior high school policy is overdue.

Contributing to a discussion on the state of education in Ghana, with an emphasis on the challenges facing the implementation of the policy, Dr. Honu said: “the review is overdue in the sense that, if you look at the situation on the ground, assuming Prof wants to build a house, how does he start? You don’t just stand up, go dig the foundation and tell yourself you have put up a structure. The first and foremost thing you need is an architectural plan. The foundation is well laid from there, then you move on.”

Speaking on The Dialogue on WoezorTV, Dr. Honu said the educational sector is facing many issues, noting for instance that the country appears to have abandoned the basic school level.

“I belong to the basic school sector. When you come to the basic school, the eyesore is undesirable… One class accommodates 180 pupils. How is teaching feasible with one facility per teacher.”

He expressed regret that the country is not working to address the issues practically. “We have not agreed to address the issue on the ground… we have not built the foundation and yet we have jumped to build some mansion in the air. How feasible would it be?”

Dr. Honu also cautioned that if the right measures are not taken, the country will suffer in the long term.
“If we should continue this way, Ghana would be a disastrous place to be as far as education is concerned.”

The free SHS education is sacrificing quality for quantity, he added, and advised government to take up the entrance fee or a part of the fees so parents can pay the rest. He also encouraged stakeholders including parents and teachers to speak up and break the silence.

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