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Void left by passing of President Mills may never be filled – John Mahama

Former President John Dramani Mahama has eulogised the late President Professor John Evans Atta Mills, declaring that the void left by his departure may never be filled.

According to the former President, even though it has been a decade, the collective grief and pain of the country following the Ghanaian leader’s departure remains fresh in the memory of the people.

“A huge void has existed in our hearts till this day, and it is most unlikely that, that void would ever be filled” he said.

Speaking at a solemn but dignified ceremony at the Asomdwee park in Accra to mark the 10 years anniversary of the death of the late Ghanaian leader, President Mahama praised the remarkable peaceful disposition and unifying leadership trait that the late Professor exemplified.

He observed that “seldom do friends and foes alike achieve convergence on the character of a man and express collective loss in the way that we did when death robbed us of this colossus of a personality… he was a phenomenon best felt than described.”

At the Asomdwee Park were the family of the late President, the leadership and members of the National Democratic Congress, and Ghanaians from all walks of life.

Mr. Mahama noted that President Mills did not allow power to change who he was.

“He strove very hard to fashion a new kind of politics for our nation, one in which the destructive cycle of vengeance was relegated to the background and in which fair, just and equitable treatment of all Ghanaians was placed on the front burner.”

“Here was a man in whom enormous powers had been vested as President of the Republic of Ghana and yet was not moved to use those powers unjustly or in pursuit of the letter of any sort against any person.”

“He did not believe that the mandate and resources of the people of Ghana, periodically vested in those who are privileged to serve in government, was to be used for the exclusive pursuit of parochial partisan or sectarian interests. Neither did he view the presidency as a birthright, which should result in arrogant leadership and disrespect for the people he governed. Rather, he viewed the office as an opportunity to do good to all irrespective of creed, belief, political coloration, ethnicity or status, and one that should lead the effort to develop our country on sound principles and values. He governed as president with an even hand and brought a touch of decency to that office.”

President Mills was the third President of the Fourth Republic. He died in office on July 24, 2012 having served three-and-half of a four year term as President. His administration holds the best economic record under the Fourth Republic with a record GDP growth rate of 14.4% that significantly was driven by the non-oil sector. He also holds the record for the longest period of sustaining single digit inflation for 33 months.

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