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Winning 2024 elections is NDCs duty to Ghanaians — John Mahama

Flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama, has reminded the rank and file of his party of the work that must be put into the campaign for the 2024 elections, noting that the NDC cannot fail the people of Ghana.

The NDC, he told an excited gathering of the party’s European Chapters in Amsterdam, has a duty to win the elections on behalf of the people of Ghana, describing it as “an absolute national imperative”.

“What we are gathered here to do is a declaration of intent by those of you in the diaspora to join the broad mass of Ghanaians in the collective push to dislodge this clueless administration through a peaceful, free, and fair election in 2024. This is an absolute national imperative, and we cannot and must not fail the people of Ghana” he said.

Mr. Mahama said the Akufo-Addo and Bawumia administration has over the last seven years succeeded in pushing Ghana backwards in many other fronts, and not only the reckless mismanagement of the economy, which has worsened the living conditions of the citizenry.

“It has been seven years of corruption, waste, arrogance, nepotism, abuse of office, human rights violations, and economic mismanagement”, he noted, adding that the “seven years of reckless mismanagement of the economy has rendered our people broken and struggling to survive from one day to the next.”

The former president was addressing a town hall meeting organised as part of the three-day NDC Europe Conference, which brought executives and members of NDC Chapters in the various European countries to Amsterdam.

Also present was the General Secretary of the NDC Fifi Kwetey and the Director of International Relations Alex Segbefia. Mr. Mahama urged the party’s functionaries to rededicate themselves to work with absolute commitment to secure the maximum votes for an emphatic victory in 2024.

“I want to repeat that we must go to the polls on December 07, 2024, with our referee. That referee will be our diligence, preparedness and winning the election emphatically” he stressed.

President Mahama received an overwhelming endorsement of 99% in May to lead his party to the 2024 presidential and parliamentary elections. According to him, he will work with the leadership and executives of the party to ensure that the NDC is battle ready to win the elections.

“As leader and flagbearer, I offer my firm pledge and assurance. I will work with the party’s leadership, represented here by the General Secretary, to build a formidable team and deploy strategies and mechanisms to ensure that we protect the votes of the teeming mass of Ghanaians”, he announced.

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